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Scandinavian Egg Salad

You can get this superfood lunch on the table in minutes post training. Up the protein and add some omega 3 with the addition of smoked salmon.

Ingredients - Serves 1

1 Egg

1/4 Fennel bulb

2 Spring onions

2 pickled Beetroot

Chunk of Cucumber

1 Apple

3 Tbsp Quark (or Skyr)

1 Tsp Capers

1 Tsp Mustard

Toasted pumpkin seeds

Small bunch of Dill

Rye or sourdough bread

Salt and Pepper to taste


Start by soft boiling your egg for 6 minutes. Once this is up, plunge it in to ice cold water to stop it cooking. 6 minutes will leave the yolk a little runny.

To make the salad, chop up all the veg nice and thin. Use a speed peeler or mandolin if you're not great at chopping.

Mix up the dressing ingredients and check the seasoning.

Serve as pictured with the bread. You could also add some smoked salmon to up the protein and good fats.

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